cheryl: A Nice Quiet Evening

It’s a good thing the evening was quiet (actually James went to bed an hour ago) cause work has been stressful lately, some was enjoyable but also not and stressful.

After work I wanted to visit Costco now that we have a club card for the first time in 6 years. James and I wandered the very busy storeĀ  and sampled some tasty mini cinnamon buns. We ended up with a year supply of paper plates and two years worth of tooth paste and tooth brush refills. I will be having my favorite strawberries for breakfast so I’m happy. Oh and I got some beautiful flowers that we’ll call pre-anniversary flowers šŸ˜€

Love these big blooms!

I made ravioli with fresh snap peas and little links for dinner with a bottle of “wine”.

P.S: I just have to say that twist topsĀ  on the fre just aren’t cool. I know it isn’t really wine with the alcohol removed but the twist top really removes any illusion of high class indulgence. I want my cork back!

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