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cheryl: The Pitter Patter of Potentiality

With everything going on lately an how early it still is we’ve kept a secret from the online world. Now that we have visual proof we thought it was time to share 🙂

I’m due in September!

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cheryl: Today’s Service and Bureal

Today family, friends, and co-workers gather to remember the life of my mother, Carol Jean Driver. None of us want to say this final goodbye but there is no choice. She has been gone from us a little over a week already.

Mom’s service will be held at Mount Vernon Memorial Park & Mortuary on Monday, January 23 at 1pm followed by grave side at 2pm. A viewing will be held at noon.

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cheryl: Memories of Mom

For several years on July 4th family and friends gathered at my parents house for lunch and after the fireworks at the mall to light off fire crackers in the drive way and eat dessert. Two years in a row, at least, James mom and step-dad joined us. My mom and James mom would just be silly all day and after the mall they would divvy up the little poppers, “One for you and one for me”. Then they would count together to three and then throw them at the ground where they would make a fun little popping noise and then they would do it all over again. Our moms were incredibly fun to watch and I missed seeing the fun this year. My mom was very sick in the hospital for two months this year. We all missed the light hearted spirit and joy. I’ll always fondly remember those years we spent having fun together and I’ll probably buy a box of poppers  every year to throw in her memory.

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cheryl: My Parents

My parents 39th anniversary card. They didn’t get to celebrate on New Years Eve like they wanted because Mom wasn’t feeling very well and the next day she went into the hospital for the last time.

Dad wants to display the card with their rings at the funeral. All counting they were together for 46 years.

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cheryl: Memorial Service and Grave Side

A service will be held for Carol Jean Driver at Mount Vernon Memorial Park & Mortuary on Monday, January 23 at 1pm followed by grave side at 2pm.

A fund is being set up for donations towards a memorial in her honor. Update:

 Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve 2011.

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