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cheryl: My Parents

My parents 39th anniversary card. They didn’t get to celebrate on New Years Eve like they wanted because Mom wasn’t feeling very well and the next day she went into the hospital for the last time.

Dad wants to display the card with their rings at the funeral. All counting they were together for 46 years.

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cheryl: Memorial Service and Grave Side

A service will be held for Carol Jean Driver at Mount Vernon Memorial Park & Mortuary on Monday, January 23 at 1pm followed by grave side at 2pm.

A fund is being set up for donations towards a memorial in her honor. Update:

 Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve 2011.

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cheryl: 4th Weekend

We had a lovely yet mixed long weekend this year. Our usual fan fair at my parents house, with dinner and setting off fireworks in the drive way, had to be abandoned. My mom’s still in the hospital and she had some upsetting set backs last week so I spent Sunday afternoon with her while James entertained friends at our place with a LAN party. Thankfully by Monday my mom was starting to do a lot better and so I was able to join our guests for a second day of LAN party fun. Breakfast was a fun mix of cinnamon rolls, baked hash browns, scrabbled eggs, veggie patties and links, and coffee. Most was prepared ahead of time so we NOM NOM NOMED shortly after everyone arrived. Computers were everywhere and we had a few more people join us than the day before. For dinner we had ice blended drinks that were very needed. The a/c didn’t want to come on with it’s pre-set temp. Remarkably it was only a little bit warm, 8 people!, so we sat down to our veggie burgers and all was quiet till everyone was stuffed.

Most everyone decided not to join us at our usual spot at the mall for fireworks. Jolene and Tim did come with us and we almost missed making it into the mall area just as the streets were being closed off for the show. We ended up sitting on the grass accross the street from the mall with the usually busy street closed in front of us. Fireworks started at 9:30 and we enjoyed our quiet view of the show. I did miss having the rest of our families there (and the surrounding patriotic music and car alarms) and I’m hopeful that next year we can have everyone get together again.

We had our own palm tree to make it feel like a tequila commercial with the beach in front and fireworks in the distance.

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cheryl: Another 30th the family. For my birthday James invited some friends over and we ate pizza, played games and then had the most amazing cake ever! Chocolate mousse with whip cream frosting topped with sliced strawberries, mmm. Thanks sweetie!

Friends were all very sweet giving me gift cards, yarn, and a mani and pedi. Thanks everyone! Jamese was also super sweet and got me a knitting book on charts, a Tahitian pearl ring, pearl necklace, tea pot with matching cups, Pirate of the Caribbean movie, mini doughnut pan and a peg board. That last was just too funny. I feel very spoiled.

Dominion game.

Peaches trying to play too.

Fancy toes!

Teavona tea pot.

Homemade blueberry marshmallows.

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cheryl: May

Brownies with raspberries

Microwave brownie from left over batter…mmm.

THE most! Amazing BOX eVer!!!

Only the kitties are napping….

Enjoying the view out our front patio.

Finally tried our Scooba after it sat in the box for 4 years.

Woke up to hale and thunder.

How does your garden grow? Finicky in pots on my desk.

Trying out a new kind of soap making, rebatch.

If you’d like to know more about my mom I’ve started a cancer journal over here.

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