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cheryl: Memories of Mom

I always loved watching my mom cut her finger nails. Her fingers were always long and elegant and she kept her nails short and clean. Little white cresants always showed perfectly. As I grew up and grew out my nails she would always wonder out loud how I was able to keep my nails long. Over the last year her nails lost a lot of that elegance to chemo. Her fingers became frail. On several occasions I had to help her trim her finger and toe nails and was always happy to help and then provide a nice foot massage like she always liked, With lotion of course. I know it wasn’t as enjoyable with the numbness and tingling but it helped her circulation when she wasn’t able to walk and gave her memories of when we used to sit on her bed trading foot massages while we talked. It’s a tradition her mom passed on to her and her to me.

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cheryl: Memories of Mom

Mom would always poke my belly if it ever showed. She always thought I should dress up and look nice. She always wanted the best for me. At every Christmas party she would come after me with a tube of lipstick and I’d finally give in if we were having pictures.
On long car rides she would reach behind her seat and tickle Thomas and my legs until we begged and swatted at her to stop. When we were young those long rides usually meant listening to hours of We Sing tapes. We would all sing with the tapes over ad over. We would also play Guess the Character in the Bible. I’m terrible with remembering names and Thomas would always pick names out of the Bible videos from church so Dad would usually give us a really hard one that even Mom had a hard time guessing. He loved to make it hard and we’d always tease him that it wasn’t a real name. Of course it was real! One one car ride home after a trip to Disneyland where they had bought me a tee shirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse with a wand I fell asleep with a giant green chewy sweet tart in my mouth. When I woke up the wand had a fun green sparkle at the tip where my candy had landed. Mom washed the shirt and I was always disappointed that the stain was gone.

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cheryl: Harry Potter Halloween

This year we had a ton of fun planning and preparing for a Harry Potter Halloween.

Floating pumpkins lit the “great hall” along with a Hogwarts banner to make it look more official.


Herbology donated a giant plant

Special newspapers joined us

Tim worked the oven (thankfully!) as Neville

along with Jolene as Luna

She even has a giant wig, crazy nargle glasses and her wand tucked into her hair.

James and I went as Bill and Fleur.

I made the hat and custom ordered my cape and James shirt and vest.

Gabe and Owen in a Harry and Snape conflict with the flying “keys” in the background and some ironic writing on the wall.

Levi and Erin as Serious Black and Bellatrix

Levi’s mustash is crazy pants weird.

Owen and Rachael as Serious and Tonks.

The Jaqua family as the Potter family.

The whole gang was there.

The spread was amazing with stuffing, green bean casserole, vegetarian meatballs

Two different soups, roasted veggies and sweet potatoes, and kale.

Apple and treacle tarts and pumpkin pasties.

Pumpkin juice and butter beer, cheeses, and sorting hat marshmallows.

Everyone had a great time eating and chatting. Someday we’ll have a larger house so it won’t feel so crowded but overall it was a big hit!

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cheryl: Birthdays and Christmas…Finally!

Obviously it isn’t Christmas but we finally celebrated Christmas and James and his mom’s birthdays in one small but fun gathering two weekends ago.

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cheryl: Thomas’ 26th

The 5th we had a small affair with just the 5 of us at my parents house. My bro has never been fond of pictures, can you tell?

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