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cheryl: Fall Cravings

I could really go for something with pumpkin in it. I’ve had the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks already but that’s not really the same as a pie or the pumpkin cheese cake from the Cheese Cake Factory. James aunt Sandy made a wonderful pumpkin dessert for Thanksgiving last year. She said it was Lincolns pumpkin pie or something like that. It’s really good and I think she said one ingredient was molasses. Go figure. I think I’ll head to the grocery store after work and then do some baking. That’d be a nice change from homework and packing.


cheryl: New Home!

Yesterday we had a message waiting for us when we got home. The owners accepted our bid so now we have to get a pre approved loan and wait for the owners to call saying the government approved the sale of these condos, ours is the 2b 2 1/2 bath w/ loft: . This process is a little different than going through a realtor and buying a home with land. These are just being approved to sell and we went straight to the seller. Why pay the middle man?

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cheryl: Goings on

Not much has been going on outside of the job lately. Our evenings are consumed with homework, dinner, and relaxing. In the last three weeks we were able to go to the grocery store once and that was on a Sunday. I decided that things have been too hectic so I dropped one of my classes and now I can actually feel sane on occasion.

Our lucky kitties benefited nicely from my paycheck the last time around. They are now enjoying a towering cat nest that should end up nice and torn up just like their other little cat posts have. The idea was to give them plenty of climbing space but the funny thing is that our declawed Fuz likes to be at the top while our little crazed ball of Pippin likes to sit on the middle or lower area and doesn’t venture to the top unless he has some prompting from his feather toy. Even then he usually end up hanging on for dear life while his body dangles off the side. I should probably put a picture of it up but I probably won’t have time.

Easter was a bummer this year. It’s rained so much lately that even if it had been sunny we all would have drowned in the mud. Sunday morning there was no easter eggs or candy just a lovely down pour that started at about 9am and went though the  morning. In the afternoon it did stop and some sun peaked though. We managed to go grocery shopping which was really good because otherwise we had to eat out every day and that was really really bad for our waist lines. Anyway, not much happened up it was fairly relaxing and I had some free time to read a book. James made pancakes that were good except for the white chocolate chips that were a bit sweet. The blue berries were excellent. 

I’m off to get some more work done. Hope whoever is reading has a good week and since I’m taking the afternoon off today I’m guessing that my day will be very nice with the sun that has come out. 


cheryl: Sore Throat

I’m getting really tired of all this getting sick business. I’ve had to take paid leave every pay period since Christmas. At this rate I’ll never save any for vacations and won’t get paid for any sick time cause there isn’t any left. I’m tired of it I say!

Oh another topic, I really enjoyed reading Memoirs of a Geisha. I was a little disappointed to find out at the end that it wasn’t about a real person but still a good book. Nice change from all the other books I’ve been reading lately. I’ve also got a C.S. Lewis book that I’m going to start soon. I read a few pages before I bought it and it seemed really good. Something about finding God in the Narnia books.

Our kitten is sprawled out on the floor in front of our floor heater looking like a teenager with his long legs and disproportioned head. He’s just so adorable. I think I’ll go wake him up.


cheryl: More Classes

I wish this whole class thing would end. I’m getting tired of classes 🙂 I’d really like to have my degree and a job I liked and then some nice long vacations. Where can I find on of those lives? I guess on the isle where the Nap in a Can is located.

I have very good intentions for this website. Blogging daily and putting more pictures up was a goal I set about two weeks ago but neither has happened. (Although, I noticed our friends aren’t posting a lot either) 🙂 Anywho. Back to my new Nano and breakfast at work. 

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