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cheryl: Happy 10 Year Anniversary

This year is a big one for us. Ten years has flown by it seems like only a few. So much has changed in the last two years with loosing my mom and gaining our wonderful little girl there hasn’t been much time to really sit down and think about it much. Due to a nice little stomach bug and my girl taking a long morning nap it seemed about time to start.

The weekend before our anniversary we headed to Monterey to enjoy some cooler weather than the 113 degrees promised at home. The trip went fabulous with a nice hotel, good food, wonderful sunny weather, a fun trip to the aquarium and a happy baby.


Breakfast at our favorite place before heading out for our long drive


Our fancy cottage with a full kitchenette


Happy baby playing in our room and eating puffs off the floor. She really seemed to like that room. Everything was close enough she could crawl over to it and us. She wasn’t a fan of the hard floors in the kitchen and bathroom though.


Sleeping on the big bed.


A sea turtle


Enjoying the stroller ride.


Oh my, look at all the candy!


A bit of knitting.


A bite to eat before heading home.

You might be able to tell how our focus has shifted a bit to the cute little girl that has stolen our hearts and time.

Ten year! Wow, wonder what the next ten will be like.


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cheryl: Look at 2009 and goals for 2010

By popular demand I’m finally updating our blog. Thanks for the extra push Candice! We’ve been very lazy here.

Let see, 2009 was a very busy year for us. I finished my associates degree at the end of 2008 so my year has been busy discovering hobbies of knitting, spinning, crocheting and starting  my own businesses at and I attended a spinning class, bought a loom and spinning wheel, and joined the Social Committee at work that plans company events like the picnic at Sunsplash and Christmas party.

In February James finished his bachelor  degree and turned 28. From my observations he seems to be spending all of his time playing games on his ipod Touch and now his Play Station 3. Maybe I can persuade him to blog this weekend from his perspective, hint hint!

Anyway, this year has been really busy for us with bigger and smaller activities. We started with graduations and friends with new babies, James birthday in February, Easter in Paradise with Grandma Betty, a new couch in May and a wonderful vacation to Maui, Cheryl’s birthday and seeing the play The Lion King in June and James cousin Chris Pappas’ wedding and his cousin Kacey Sargent’s baptism at Leoni Meadows, July had a fun and explosive 4th with lots of family and a Cold Play concert, farmers markets and Alpaca fairs in August and September, a Steampunk Halloween in October, 3 Thanksgivings in November and we found out our first kitty Fuzzy has lymphoma and we ended up with a 6th kitty Zoey, in December we nursed our kitties back to health from a kitty cold that Zoey shared plus attended my cousins wedding in southern California and I put together the company Christmas party and somehow managed to have Christmas gifts ready for Christmas Eve at the Driver’s and our own little Christmas at home. To finish it off we had a wonderful time on New Years Eve at the Jaqua’s.

On to 2010. Zoey looks like she is settling in nicely and James and I are getting over our colds so the new year is starting out well. Plans for the year include uncluttering the whole house and garage and finally paying off those fancy appliances that we’ve been using. Loosing weight would be a nice one too….it could happen! There is so much to look forward to this year and it is only day 2…and so incredible late er…early. Pictures are just not loading quickly so I may have to add those later. They will all be here. I’m up to June if you’re interested in browsing.

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james: Love me some obsessions

Just got back from Tahoe. Tired. Seemingly profound thoughts swirling through my head.

That happens when I’m tired.

Heard a second-hand story through Cheryl’s aunt from Phil Vischer, the guy who created Veggie Tales. He got so wrapped up in the success of his company that he had a nervous breakdown. Went to the hospital, couldn’t write anymore. Spent months staring at a blank wall, praying and reading the Bible. He found he had to give up his company so he could focus on God, then he could get his head on straight.

So now I’m thinking about obsessions. It seems we’re wired for obsessions. I know I am. But obsessions aren’t healthy. Obsessions destroy often as not. The Bible is full of stories of people who became obsessed with their blessings. Phil drew parallels to Adam, destroyed by his obsession with Eve, and Abraham, a man willing to sacrifice his obsession for God. It seems God’s plan is for us to be obsessed with Him. Apparently, that obsession is healthy… Here’s my theory.

1 John 4:8: “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” If God is love, then maybe we’re supposed to be obsessed with love. Not love for anything specific. Not love of self or family or things. Just love. Obsessions destroy because they cut us off from the world. They demand our total attention. No time for family, have to work. Can’t work, need my fix. The left hand withers and dies while we fawn over the right. But love is the opposite. Love focuses on everything. Love elevates others without sacrificing the self. Love makes us whole.

I think this is what Ghandi saw. Change the world? Love it. I think it’s the core of most religions. Free yourself? Focus on others. There are no guarantees in life, but I think an action born from love will always have the best outcome possible. For all involved.

Love always. Every action. Every reaction. Always with love. That is God.

The rest is just implementation details.

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james: Playing with the Gallery

Since Cheryl’s been busy uploading images I’m playing with WPG2 to get some blog integration. I haven’t gotten the sidebar working yet, but here’s a picture from our last anniversary trip.


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