cheryl: May

Brownies with raspberries

Microwave brownie from left over batter…mmm.

THE most! Amazing BOX eVer!!!

Only the kitties are napping….

Enjoying the view out our front patio.

Finally tried our Scooba after it sat in the box for 4 years.

Woke up to hale and thunder.

How does your garden grow? Finicky in pots on my desk.

Trying out a new kind of soap making, rebatch.

If you’d like to know more about my mom I’ve started a cancer journal over here.

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cheryl: Miles & Darcy’s Wedding

I’ve posted a ton of pictures on my facebook account but thought maybe I should share some here in case someone doesn’t have access to my facebook pictures.

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cheryl: A Nice Quiet Evening

It’s a good thing the evening was quiet (actually James went to bed an hour ago) cause work has been stressful lately, some was enjoyable but also not and stressful.

After work I wanted to visit Costco now that we have a club card for the first time in 6 years. James and I wandered the very busy store  and sampled some tasty mini cinnamon buns. We ended up with a year supply of paper plates and two years worth of tooth paste and tooth brush refills. I will be having my favorite strawberries for breakfast so I’m happy. Oh and I got some beautiful flowers that we’ll call pre-anniversary flowers 😀

Love these big blooms!

I made ravioli with fresh snap peas and little links for dinner with a bottle of “wine”.

P.S: I just have to say that twist tops  on the fre just aren’t cool. I know it isn’t really wine with the alcohol removed but the twist top really removes any illusion of high class indulgence. I want my cork back!

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